Privacy policy

当サイトでは、「個人情報の保護に関する法律」その他の関係法令を遵守した上 でお客様の個人情報及 びプライバシーの保護に細心の注意を払います。

個人情報とは、当該情報に含まれる氏名、住所、生年月日、メールアドレス、電話番号、その他記述等 により特定の個人を識別することができるもの(他の情報と容易に照合することができ、それに起因して特定個人を識別可能な物を含む)を言います。

2. 個人情報の利用について
当サイトにて利用者にご提供いただいた個人情報は、当社のサービス向上や改善 のための社内資料とし ての使用に限り、利用致します。


ご利用者からご提供いただいた個人情報は、次のいずれかに該当する場合を除 き、第三者に開示するこ とはありません。
お客様が他のお客様もしくは当社に不利益を及ぼす行為を行った事が判明し、当社がお客様の個人情報をその当事者、警察、 関連諸機関に通知する場合

当サイトは、プライバシーポリシーの全部もしくは一部を改訂することがありま す。この場合、適切だ と思われる方法にて改訂を公表致します。

In this website, we pay close attention to protecting the customer's personal information and privacy in compliance with Japan's Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws.

1. About personal information that we collect on this website
Personal information refers to the information by which a specific individual can be identified, such as a name, an address, a date of birth, an e-mail address, a telephone number, or other descriptions contained in the information concerned (including the information that can be looked up with other information easily, and therefore by which a specific individual can be identified).

2. About the use of personal information
The personal information that users provided on this site will be used only as the company's internal data for our service enhancement or improvement.

3. About the management and protection of personal information
When we handle user's personal information, we will limit persons that can handle it, and control it strictly to prevent the illegal use of it.

Part of the management and operation of this site might be outsourced to other agencies. In this case, we insure the protection of personal information by creating a contract, and we also oblige them to carry out proper management.

We will browse, disclose, or correct the personal information that users enter only when we can confirm the identity of the user.

On this site, you agree that we are allowed to obtain your personal information when you enter it.

4. About the disclosure of personal information of registered users and others to third parties
The personal information that users provided will never be disclosed to third parties, except when it corresponds to any of the following cases:
When the user agrees to such disclosure

When it is disclosed where we cannot confirm the identity of the user

When the person's body in question or third parties' body, property, or other rights/interests might be impaired

When it is required by law, or public institution such as courts or police

When the proper operation of this site might be hindered severely

When it turns out that the customer has disadvantaged other customers, or us, and we notify the person concerned, police, or related organizations of the customer's personal information

5. About the change and the notification of the privacy policy
All or part of the privacy policy on this site might be revised. In this case, we will announce the revision in a way we think proper.